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Teacher's Welcome

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Here at Wurruk Kindergarten ‘The Child’ is always at the center of our practice. We understand that each child is unique, active, and engaged in their own learning and development within their local context, shaped by their family, culture, and experiences.

We know that we have better outcomes for children when families are involved in meaningful ways—becoming valued members of our Wurruk community together.


Building the capacity to better meet the needs of the individual child and their families. “Every Child, Every Opportunity.”

Krystal Tolner

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten Staff

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Amanda Osborne

Educational Assistant 

Coleman, Gayle.jpg

Gayle Coleman

Principal/ Director

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Judy Sturgeon

Business Manager

3 year old

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9am – 3pm Wednesday, Thursday and every second Friday. Currently three and four year old Kindergarten is combined.


Wurruk Kindergarten focuses on play-based learning and incorporates an indoor/outdoor program to support each child’s individual needs and interests. Educators provide a rich learning environment where “The voice of the child” leads our practice.


Children and families continuing on to four-year-old kindergarten find the transition smooth, as they are familiar with the environment and have formed relationships with educators and returning peers.

Krystal Tolner

Kindergarten Teacher

3 year old

4 year old

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9am – 3pm Wednesday, Thursday and every second Friday.

Wurruk Kindergarten is community-based, family friendly and provides a rich play-based learning environment that focuses on individual strengths and abilities. Our group sizes are small which allows individual attention to your child’s developmental needs.


The Kindergarten program incorporates regular excursions to the school playground, library, and stadium making the transition to school seamless. Children become familiar with their surroundings including the sound of the school bell, future teachers, and staff. Our 9am–3pm session times accommodate families with children attending our school.

Krystal Tolner

Kindergarten Teacher

4 year old

Transition Foundation Program

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9.00am – 3.15pm five days a week.

Starting school is an exciting time at Wurruk! 

The aim of the transition program at Wurruk is to prepare children for their transition to school and support them to feel safe and comfortable for their full foundation year the following year.


The foundation teacher coordinates and runs the transition program in the foundation classroom, in conjunction with the early years team. The students receive a balance of play-based and instructional learning so they have a more successful start to their learning journey.

Krystal Tollner & Amy Glover

Kindergarten & Junior Room Teachers


Special Events

Special events
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